SYSTRA offers renewable energy engineering and consultancy, electricity transmission and infrastructure planning services to support clients with the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon future.

Renewable energy projects for a sustainable future

As businesses and organisations strive to adopt sustainable, low-carbon energy solutions, there are many options for business leaders, planners, project developers and investors to consider. Choosing the right options and implementing effective renewable energy projects requires specific expertise in electricity transmission, infrastructure planning and renewable energy systems.

In developing renewable energy schemes, organisations face regulatory challenges posed by evolving legislation. Securing funding can be problematic, given the high up-front costs and long payback periods. Projects are often technically challenging, requiring expertise in electricity transmission and integrating new technologies alongside existing systems to ensure reliability and resilience. Any new renewable installation is likely to require consultation with local communities, regulators and investors, as well as an assessment of social and environmental impacts.

SYSTRA has the renewable energy engineering and consultancy expertise to help clients plan, finance and deliver new renewable energy facilities – and achieve their sustainability and carbon-reduction objectives.

SYSTRA renewable energy consulting and engineering services include renewable energy planning, electricity transmission and grid consulting, hydrogen production and distribution, and renewable project development.

SYSTRA has unrivalled experience in managing complex engineering and technical projects across multiple sectors, combined with deep expertise in renewable energy, electricity transmission and infrastructure planning.

Our skills and experience, combined with our commitment to sustainability, enable us to help clients address the complex regulatory, financial and technical challenges of delivering renewable energy projects.

Turning renewable energy goals into reality

We help clients to secure essential financing for major infrastructure projects, by developing robust business cases, conducting technical due diligence and managing financial risks. We support clients with stakeholder engagement to ensure the views of all impacted parties are considered and understood – helping to secure planning approvals.

Whether we are supporting the development of wind or solar farms, hydrogen production facilities, energy storage or microgrid projects, we customise each solution to the specific needs of the client. Our project planning and management expertise ensures we deliver renewable energy projects on time, within budget and to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Proven expertise in renewable energy delivery

SYSTRA has a proven track record of delivering successful renewable energy, electricity transmission consultancy and infrastructure planning projects, including:

  • Windfarms – Helping clients from the feasibility stage through to construction, providing a range of services including access assessments, abnormal loads assessment, transport assessments, design of off-site highway mitigation schemes, design of on-site access tracks, Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR) chapters, construction traffic management plans, bridge assessments and discharge of conditions.
  • Solar Farms – Assisting developers with transport planning services and highway design services through the planning application process and on to construction.
  • Battery Energy Storage Schemes (BESS) – Assisting developers through planning and through the construction process.
  • Renewable energy project development – helping clients navigate complex regulatory requirements, secure financing, and deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Transmission planning for large-scale renewable energy projects – including wind and solar farms, helping clients integrate renewable energy into the grid and ensure reliable and efficient transmission.
  • Green hydrogen production and storage – providing expertise to help transport clients develop low-carbon energy solutions.
  • Transmission system modelling and analysis – optimising grid reliability and resilience, and ensuring efficient and cost-effective transmission.
  • Community solar projects – expanding access to renewable energy and supporting sustainable and equitable development.
  • Energy storage and microgrid projects – developing resilient and sustainable energy systems that can operate independently from the grid.
  • Infrastructure planning and management – for several large-scale projects, including transportation systems and smart cities, helping clients optimise their infrastructure investments and support sustainable development.

Support for the low-carbon transition

Our strong commitment to sustainability and low-carbon solutions is set out in our mission and values, and underpins all our renewable energy services. Through these services, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their sustainability goals, reduce their carbon footprint and make the transition to a more sustainable and resilient future.

How can our experts help?

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