SYSTRA helps governments, local authorities, rail and bus operators to design and implement fares, ticketing strategies and payment systems that address local needs and attract more passengers onto public transport.

Delivering value and transparency in transport fares and ticketing

Encouraging greater use of public transport is an important priority for government departments and local authorities, as well as for bus and rail operators. Setting fares at the right level and offering simple and accessible ticketing and payment systems are key to maintaining and increasing public transport uptake.

Setting and modifying fares and ticketing strategies requires a detailed understanding of the revenue landscape, and how passengers are likely to respond to changes in fares or payment methods. It is assumed that passengers simply want low fares, but the reality is that value for money and transparency are seen as far more important. Governments, local authorities and transport operators require expert support to help establish the right fare strategies, payment and ticketing systems for each public transport service.

The transport experts at SYSTRA have a broad range of experience in the public transport industry, across operational and strategic roles. We have unrivalled experience of advising on all aspects of fare setting, payment methods and ticketing technology.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA supports innovation in ticketing and payment systems – helping operators to provide greater value for money, convenience and flexibility for passengers.

Multi-modal ticketing innovations

SYSTRA transport specialists provide strategic advice on local, regional and national fares and ticketing policies, and support the introduction and delivery of multi-operator and multi-model ticketing agreements, zonal ticketing, revenue forecasting and contactless payment methods.

We have expertise in delivering fare policies and ticketing strategies that support the development of integrated transport networks. We help to create tariff structures that allow greater flexibility and give passengers the freedom to make multi-modal journeys, while also ensuring that revenues are protected and properly allocated to each operator.

Research and modelling to inform fare strategies

We work with rail and bus operators to design and implement new fares and tariff structures. We have the tools and capabilities to model different ticketing strategies and evaluate the financial impacts of proposed changes in fares or fare structures.

Crucially, we understand how fares work in a practical sense in the operational environment. This includes the importance of not allowing technology to become the principal influencing factor in how fares are structured or priced.

Our social and market research teams carry out studies into travel behaviour, passenger opinions, price sensitivity and a host of other factors to help inform decision-making on fares and ticketing. We can also analyse complex revenue datasets to deliver simple and understandable insights about public transport use and revenue.

Leaders in Integrated smart ticketing systems

We have particular expertise in integrated smartcard ticketing. Smart ticketing is seen as a key factor in encouraging more people to use public transport, due to its convenience, flexibility and ease of use.

Our concessionary fares team was responsible for defining best practice and providing technical and scheme administration expertise for the first smartcard schemes across the UK. All ITSO-based schemes in England, Scotland and Wales were supported by advice from SYSTRA. We also support the administration and review of ITSO schemes, drawing on our understanding of the data collected and how it can be used to validate concessionary claims from operators.

We can also offer specialist services relating to the integrated smartcard environment, such as implementing English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) card hot-listing to remove the risk of card misuse, or performing health checks on operator integrated smartcard ticketing set-ups to ensure their claims are being properly compiled.

Locally tailored fares and ticketing strategies

Our experience of designing and implementing fares and ticketing systems for both the public and private sector means clients can rely on us to develop practical and deliverable solutions that help to create change in public transport usage. Our approach ensures that we develop innovative fares and ticketing strategies that reflect local needs, recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

How can our experts help?

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