Environmental engineer, 


I’m an ecologist (environmental engineer)  in charge of studying the consequences of different contruction works on the environement, more precisely on its biodiversity. My speciality is the study of different species like bats and birds. One of my missions is to do the inventory of the species present in their habitat in order to identify those that are endangered and or protected, so that I can draft the regulatory file

What do you like most in what you do?

We can clearly see an downrise of the biodiversity surrounding us, and we should clearily take measures to protect it. In this context, what drives me is assisting the project owners in driving field studies in direct contact with the local flora and fauna. I advise them in order for the biodiversity to be taken into consideration as early on in the project as possible and I help them in the implemetation of the regulatory measures in order to limit their impact on the different speices, their habitat and generally speaking, the natural environement.  


SYSTRA has a team of ecologists regrouping all specialities in terms of fauna and flora. SYSTRA is a major player in the rail industry and in the rail infrastructure world. It gives me the opportunity to work on mobility related projects, in direct contact with some of the biggest project owners of our territory. Our team is dynamic and works closely with other fields like landscaping, hydrology, or pure infrastrucure.