16 January 2024
On December 21, 2023, in Istanbul, the Sarıyer – Kilyos Highway Tunnel Project reached a major milestone with the junction of two complex structures designed by SYSTRA.

The Sarıyer and Kilyos districts of Istanbul will soon be accessible via a double bypass road tunnel, the underground infrastructure for which was designed by SYSTRA SWS Türkiye on behalf of construction firm IC Ictas Construction. The latest event to take place was the meeting between the excavation teams for two sections: the excavation face of the north portal left tube and adit tunnel.

I would like to congratulate the teams who have been mobilised to assist IC Ictas Construction. This project has benefited from the quality of SYSTRA SWS Türkiye’s design studies, which we began producing at the beginning of 2022. Two years on, the tunnels are taking shape and we look forward to seeing them completed.

Gokay Caglar Memisoglu, Business Development Manager, SYSTRA SWS Türkiye

For this project, SYSTRA SWS Türkiye carried out the execution studies for the entire motorway section, including structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) studies using BIM (LOD 400*), and is currently providing technical assistance during the construction of the work.

BIM Modelling of the project (with Naviswork):

Earth investigation on the side of Sarıyer
Earth investigation on the side of Kilyos

Two construction methods

The twin-tube tunnels in the project were designed to be bored in two different methods:

  • With a 13.75 metre diameter tunnel boring machine (the second widest used in Türkiye) on the south side, which required the excavation of two caverns to assemble the machines. This section has yet to start;
  • With the new Austrian method, known as ‘sequential excavation’, which combines drilling by blasting and consolidation by shotcrete.

A better connection

The construction of this new tunnel, scheduled to open in 2026, should cut journey times for motorists while reducing air pollution and noise pollution caused by surface traffic jams. The road network will also provide a direct connection to the Northern Marmara motorway in northern Istanbul, as well as to Istanbul International Airport.

SYSTRA in Türkiye

Present in the country since 2011, SYSTRA employs 125 people in Türkiye and has a leading position in the field of complex infrastructure design, thanks to a dedicated and comprehensive expertise and consultancy offering. The Group, which is located in Ankara and in Istanbul, intends to expand its workforce.

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