Technical details
NTA – National Transport Authority, Ireland ; DTTAS (Department for Transport, Tourism And Sport)

14th May 2019: first presentation of the project

28th June 2019: end of public consultation

Transport Planning, Microsimulation Modelling
SYSTRA Ltd ; Jacobs.
Transport Planning
Consultancy & Multimodality

Preparing the daily mobility of 2040, this is the objective of SYSTRA which has supported the development of a transport strategy for the city of Cork in Ireland by using its transport modelling capabity and analysis techniques including the use of micro-simulation models to visually demonstrate aspects of the strategy.

The Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (CMATS) represents a coordinated land use and transport strategy for Ireland’s second largest city. It sets out a framework for the planning and delivery of transport infrastructure and services to support the Cork Metropolitan Area’s development in the period up to 2040. Today, the city depends on the car as its main form of transport and suffers from high levels of congestion during peak traffic period. In order to revitalise the city centre and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, CMATS aims to provide the city with a high quality public transport system that is fully integrated in its urban fabric.

Solutions were developed with key stakeholders, with numerous land use and transport strategy options tested. SYSTRA used its microsimulation models VISSIM and VISWALK, enabling the implementation of multimodal projects in the urban space to be visualised in 3D to help the public to gain a greater understanding of the transport strategy proposals.

The project in pictures

The project proposed by SYSTRA is a 17km, 27-tram light rail network with 25 stops, ready for today’s requirements but also anticipating future increases in ridership. This project has enabled us to demonstrate to what extent the different transport modes are interdependent and to what extent meeting the energy transition challenge requires a global strategy to prepare the ground for sustainable mobility.

In 2020, SYSTRA has also been involved in developing demand management recommendations for the five largest cities in Ireland with the aim of reducing car dependancy and transport related pollution. This study, looking at the five cities of Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford aims at gathering information on road traffic and then anlysing the impact of emissions for each agglomeration. The result is taking shape in the form of a realistic modelling of local recommendations taking into account transport demand, and a national roadmap for delivery.

Watch the digital animation of how this future network will function: