10 June 2022
Our latest Activity Report therefore emphasises optimism, with a title that is a nod to our signature and our core business: Trajectory of confidence.

2021 is the year of the revival of public transport plans, the dynamic recovery of SYSTRA’s business, and our external growth with the acquisition of SWS. These are all promising elements for SYSTRA, which has continued its “Trajectory of Confidence” in 2021.

We have chosen to illustrate this trajectory in three parts: a trajectory of adaptation, which shows how SYSTRA is expanding in terms of geography and expertise; a trajectory of innovation, which is expressed in particular through our digital solutions; and finally, a trajectory of responsibility, embodied in a pragmatic and robust sustainable development strategy and in the valuing of autonomy which characterizes our operating methods.

Each of these trajectories is then nourished by a variety of content: forward-looking articles (Forecasts), position statements (Convictions), and the major events of the year (Actions).

This is proof of the determination, commitment, and confidence in the future of the Group’s teams at all levels of the company, throughout 2021 and beyond!

We hope you enjoy following our trajectory of confidence!

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