Technical details
Port of Cork Company

May 2015

Transport Planning Consultant
Cork, Ireland
Strategic Transport Modelling; Development Management
Transport for New Developments


In May 2015, An Bord Pleanála (ABP) granted planning permission (Ref 04.PA0035) to the Port of Cork Company for the redevelopment of existing port facilities at Ringaskiddy, Co Cork.

This redevelopment will enable the Port to accommodate larger vessels, which is vital for the Port of Cork to remain competitive and future proof Cork as an international gateway for trade.

The Ringaskiddy development includes a new container terminal, the expansion and upgrading of Port facilities at Ringaskiddy and the relocation of port facilities from Tivoli and City Quays to Ringaskiddy. Condition 5 of the planning decision requires the Port to implement the Ringaskiddy Mobility Management Plan (RMMP) ‘to minimise traffic congestion on the road network.’


Following SYSTRA Ltd.’s support for the Port of Cork’s preparation of the Strategic Infrastructure Development (SID) application to ABP, SYSTRA was commissioned to support the Port with the preparation of their relocation of container operations to Ringaskiddy and the development of the Ringaskiddy Mobility Management Plan (RMMP) – the first of its kind in Ireland.

SYSTRA developed the RMMP to in order to support the key objective of facilitating a competitive market for the Port and also to:

  • Provide Port customers with efficient access to Ringaskiddy Port
  • Manage the traffic impact of the development on the surrounding road network
  • Manage the volume of HGVs in sensitive areas
  • Support smarter travel, a more sustainable transport and traffic system.

Three key components of the RMMP were developed to support delivery of these objectives – container traffic, bulk materials related traffic and staff travel. SYSTRA undertook traffic monitoring to inform the updated baseline levels of Port activity at Ringaskiddy, which was then used to inform the practical operation of the RMMP.

The RMMP includes extended operating hours – enabling hauliers to spread their arrival and departure times during off-peak periods. The Port’s new Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is a key enabler of the RMMP. It is a real time HGV appointment system for Container (lo-lo) cargo, which proactively manages arrival patterns utilising pre-booked time slots. The VBS uses traffic information and haulier bookings to ensure real-time optimisation and efficiency – and can be readily adapted in real-time to cope with issues on the road network if required.