Health and Safety Recognition Program on a Construction Site

Discover the program that SYSTRA Canada has diligently developed for our employees and subcontractors involved in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management-Multi-user (EPCM-MU) project in Guinea. By combining rigor, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to safety, we’ve created an environment conducive to operational excellence and protective of all parties involved.

The main objective of our program is much more than just risk management. We aspire to promote a genuine HSS (Health, Safety & Security) culture within every aspect of our operations. By promptly identifying and correcting near-misses and hazardous situations, whether related to unsafe conditions or unsafe behavior, we are committed to shaping a working environment where safety is a top priority.

SYSTRA’s 3S recognition program on the EPCM-MU project in Guinea has been a great success with our client Compagnie des bauxites de Guinée (CBG), our 18 subcontractors, and our employees. SYSTRA Canada is pleased to have contributed to promoting a sustainable health and safety culture in the rail sector in Africa through this program.

Rafik KACI, Director of Health, Safety & Security (3S) and Quality

This proactive approach is designed to guide our site activities towards health & safety excellence, minimizing the risk of injury, illness, and property damage. For us, safety is not simply a regulatory obligation, but a fundamental commitment to the well-being of our team and the sustainability of our projects.


  1. Thursday, April 14, 2022: Start-up meeting attended by SYSTRA employees in Guinea, CBG representatives, and subcontractors.
  2. Monday, April 18, 2022 : Implementation of the Health and Safety Recognition Program.

When a worker observes a near-miss or hazardous situation, it is essential that they document the observation by filling in the Near-Miss/Hazardous Situation Report card, and takes immediate corrective action.

The card must then be handed to the site’s Health & Safety Manager and duly completed. The Health & Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring that corrective measures are implemented, and for presenting them to workers at the Safety Break meeting scheduled on site the following morning. This is a crucial moment for raising team awareness of identified risks and encouraging a proactive health & safety culture.

All submitted cards are eligible for our recognition program. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage the active participation of all team members in accident prevention and the promotion of a safe and healthy working environment.

Once a month, a meeting chaired by the health and safety manager on site is held with all the workers and a card is drawn at random. The worker whose card is drawn at random is awarded a Health & Safety Recognition Certificate and is nominated Worker of the Month. In addition, they receive a shirt and cap proudly bearing the SYSTRA Canada logo, as a token of our appreciation for their commitment to health and safety. Similarly, each quarter we reward the subcontractor who submits the highest number of Safety Observation Tour Reports with a Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition, honoring their essential contribution to our project’s health and safety culture.



The Program was successfully implemented by all 18 SYSTRA subcontractors, demonstrating their commitment to health and safety. It’s effectiveness was highly appreciated by CBG, which has expressed a desire to see it deployed on its other projects.

Thanks to the undeniable success of the project with our customer, subcontractors, and employees in Guinea, we are considering extending it to our site supervision activities in Canada.  This reflects our ongoing commitment to operational excellence and safety worldwide.

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