Light rail has made a resurgence in recent years because of its ability to connect communities sustainably and reliably. SYSTRA understands, first-hand, the importance of efficient, reliable, and regular service, safe integration with other road users, optimal operating speeds, and respect of the environment.

Our clients benefit from our experience with emblematic light rail projects, and the skills we have developed at every stage of the light rail infrastructure lifecycle. We offer practical, yet original solutions, while respecting your standards, environmental, and safety requirements.

A pioneer in the design of driverless operating systems and modernizing existing transportation networks, SYSTRA has been involved in the design of 60% of all driverless light rail systems.

  • First light rail automated vehicle system (Lille).
  • First 100% catenary free light rail line (Dubai).
  • First light rail line in Africa (Casablanca).
  • First light rail line operating in temperatures up to 130°F (Ouargla).
  • First underground watering solution using rainwater (Paris).
Learn about how SYSTRA’s Light Speed Rail Solutions can create new ways of thinking regarding urban space and transport.