Technical details
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Los Angeles, CA
Systems engineering

SYSTRA has helped shape the train control and signaling systems throughout the LA Metro’s rail network, through various multi-year, multi-million-dollar systems engineering task-order based contracts and standalone projects.

SYSTRA began working with LA Metro in the 1990s, when we designed and helped commission the original Blue Line light rail signaling system and, in 2018, provided systems engineering support for re-signaling portions of the line, the oldest in the network.

SYSTRA also designed and helped commission the Green Line light rail automatic train control (ATC) system that included the wayside, vehicle, and rail operations control ATC systems. These allow for upgrade to GoA4–the highest level of automation enabling transfer of train operations from the driver to the train control system.

As part of the SECOTrans systems team, SYSTRA updated LA Metro’s standards for ATC, including the design criteria and baseline specifications, and developed train control directive drawings.

In addition, SYSTRA designed the ATC system for the East San Fernando Valley (ESFV) light rail line, which is LA Metro’s first Progressive Design-Build (PDB) project.