a world leader

SYSTRA has designed half of the world’s high-speed rail systems, covering more than 6,000 miles of railway in service today, including the Paris-Bordeaux Line (South Europe Atlantic), Europe’s largest railway construction project. A hub for innovation that included a new economic model, new construction techniques, original concepts for efficient maintenance, and advanced concurrent engineering methods to facilitate design, accelerate construction, and optimize systems integration.

We develop solutions to reduce costs, accelerate construction, and improve the resilience and maintainability of infrastructure. To meet the need for operational performance and build new lines, SYSTRA codeveloped a patent for a new generation of ballastless track using low-carbon concrete, named Slab Track.

This addresses major challenges that track renewal projects face: it is quick to lay, economically efficient, and produced on a fully prefabricated structure made of low carbon reinforced concrete and suitable for trains running at 220-240 mph.

“SYSTRA USA is enthusiastic about bringing high-speed rail to the US. We have been involved in the California High-Speed Rail Program since its inception. By studying the possibilities of reducing the costs of the project, minimizing risks, and improving journey times, SYSTRA is committed to supporting the creation of a network that is accessible, economical, and sustainable.”

Frederic Bana, SYSTRA USA COO