SYSTRA is working to protect our people, communities, regions, and the environment.

Through our work and global footprint, SYSTRA USA develops solutions that positively affect our world; we are committed to ethical and responsible work. And so, sustainable development is a key component in all we do–SYSTRA USA engages all disciplines that contribute to a project throughout all phases. We have a community that shares best practices and lessons learned from projects throughout the world.

​​​​​​​Today, more than ever, sustainable development is at the heart of the SYSTRA USA’s growth strategy. Being a responsible company is bound to our primary objective: to be the Signature Team for transportation and facilities solutions. We work from a common foundation of values linking our teams across the world who are committed to our clients, partners, and the communities and regions we serve.

Sustainability at SYSTRA

Our sustainability program features three aspects.

Environmental responsibility to respond to the challenges posed by our environment and the preservation of biodiversity.

Societal responsibility to help our clients and communities move to more sustainable networks and facilities.

Responsibility as an employer to give meaning to what our employees do and foster their commitment.

Our Sustainable Vision

Committed to sustainable design, SYSTRA aspires to reduce environmental impacts, enhance sustainable development by optimizing the performance of the entire transportation system, controlling costs, and securing returns on investment over a project’s lifecycle.

Working with our clients, our diverse team of architects and engineers blend creativity, technical expertise, and experience with state-of-the-art technology such as Building Information Management (BIM) to measure the efficiency of the design approach. Our LEED-certified professionals offer sustainable solutions that emphasize high performance, energy efficiency, and environmental sensitivity.

We Employ Innovation via Design Software and Technology

Using these digital solutions, SYSTRA helps our clients make decisions based on objective data.

  • BIM In One Click is a unique collection of BIM modeling tools for all linear infrastructure projects.
  • CarbonTracker manages your project’s carbon footprint.
  • eLODy s a web platform that analyzes, monitors, and secures data for our BIM models.
  • Pablo helps create a digital twin to build BIM data for the asset information model.
  • SAFEbyBIM fully integrates technical risk management into our design process by maximizing BIM data to enable real-time risk sharing for all collaborators.
  • TESS helps to develop an energy transition plan.