Technical details
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
San Jose, CA
SCADA/OCC systems design, site design, systems integration

VTA’s control center is congested; the building was built in the 1980s and its limited space is a concern for expanding agency operations. In addition, the aging supervisory systems (SCADA) need to be updated. SYSTRA is a member of the team preparing the feasibility study and preliminary engineering design of the replacement of the control center and SCADA server room.

SYSTRA is developing conceptual performance requirements for SCADA operations control center (OCC) systems, cutover/phasing for migration to the new OCC, and the integration strategy of new SCADA OCC systems with the existing communications network.

VTA is examining SCADA replacement options because its current SCADA foundation software will no longer be developed and supported. The new SCADA will be designed to provide more advanced, user friendly, and flexible workstations and reporting functions, and more reliable and stable redundant servers.