Developing innovative Yet practical solutions that help shape tomorrow’s world

At SYSTRA, when faced with a complex problem, we innovate. The human experience is our focus when considering potential design issues. We thoughtfully consider these challenges while working to:​​​​

  • Improve the performance and safety of transportation systems.
  • Design and promote sustainable infrastructure.
  • Leverage new technology.

    Our proactive innovation policy is to create solutions befitting to tomorrow’s world. This is a thread throughout our approach to our work and examination of new technologies. We develop new services to accompany our clients in their digital, ecological, and energy transition.


    The latest technological developments have revolutionized the world of mobility, with the emergence of new transportation modes, new uses, and new players. SYSTRA analyzes the interest and feasibility of deploying new technologies on conventional and new modes of transportation.

    Foster New Ideas

    SYSTRA values the ideas and initiatives of our employees everywhere. In 2020 SYSTRA launched the SPARK intrapreneurship program: intrapreneurship program to encourage the creation of new services and help our clients respond to their challenges.

    Promote Efficiency

    Innovation means knowing how to question traditional design methods to reduce and optimize the use of resources over time. We assess resources in quantity and quality (materials, energy), anticipate market opportunities and logistics, and think in terms of versatility.

    Ensure Progress

    The design and application of these solutions raise technical, economic, and organizational uncertainties. Beyond the hype, how feasible is this technology for your system? SYSTRA helps our clients analyze the practicality of deploying new technologies on conventional and emerging modes of transportation.

    SYSTRA offers a three-step support solution to make your project a reality.

    Understanding the environment and customizing solutions: as part of the process to define the project’s requirements, SYSTRA uses evaluations, design studies for various contexts, feasibility studies, and comprehensive technical analysis of innovative solutions.

    Designing systems and preparing for operations: we get involved at the initial phases to design the systems (outline and detailed preliminary project design) and co-construct a road map to implementation that includes drafting a business plan.

    Implementing the project: SYSTRA works with our clients throughout implementation and oversees the verification and validation for testing and commissioning.  Innovative projects require specific management techniques to adapt to unique technical challenges. SYSTRA has the proven technical expertise to walk our clients through these challenges.