SYSTRA’s General Policy defines the company’s mission, vision, and expectations and outlines our common values and essential pillars of ethics, health, safety, and security (3S), and sustainable development.

Through our work we contribute to a healthier, safer, and more secure world. Central to how we operate is ensuring the health, safety, and security of our stakeholders. Our 3S Management System is an organizational framework used to consistently measure our 3S and operational performance.

Resolute business ethics are central to our drive to be the Signature Team for transportation and facilities solutions. SYSTRA sets the tone for ethical behavior by providing clear guidance to our employees reflected in our Business Ethics & Compliance Policy.

SYSTRA is committed to providing services that meet our client’s needs on time and cost effectively. Quality standards are integral to our processes. We have an established Quality Management System that sets our high standards of quality and ensures that client, statutory, and regulatory requirements are met.