Bridges are a major product line and a cornerstone of our technical excellence in providing safe, efficient, and economical solutions.

International Bridge Technologies joined SYSTRA in 2017. Together, we offer specialized engineering services in all facets of bridge design, construction, and maintenance.

SYSTRA’s Global Bridge Network consists of over 350 bridge specialists deployed worldwide, with one of our Bridge Design Centers located in San Diego, CA.

Sustainable Infrastructure

The production of concrete and steel, the two materials most widely used in construction, is responsible for 8% of carbon dioxide emission in the world. As such, SYSTRA plays an important role by optimizing technical solutions to reduce our environmental and carbon footprint and developing and promoting sustainability throughout the lifecycle of our projects.

Our bridge design experts confront challenges of sustainable development with relevant economic considerations. Specifically, our iconic solution–U-shape viaduct, which is patented by SYSTRA, is an environmental solution that optimizes the quantity of material used and enables the viaduct to better integrate into its environment.

The SYSTRA IBT team worked to keep to the project schedule, anticipate the gathering of the files for the purchase of the steel sheets, and develop a design at the best possible cost. Their support was exemplary. Walsh and WVC were particularly satisfied with the work carried out, and our companies were able to establish excellent relations thanks to this project. We look forward to working with SYSTRA IBT again and highly recommend them!

Brian L Hoppel, Program Manager, Walsh Group, Lewis and Clark Bridge, Louisville, KY