Working at systra means Meeting challenges with innovation, dedication, and passion

Our mission is to be the Signature Team for transportation and facilities solutions. We do this by engaging bright minds to design, engineer, and help construct transportation systems and infrastructure that invigorates communities.

We are pretty excited about our work and hope you will be, too. So if you are enthusiastic about growing your career and working on projects that matter while having fun, we would like to meet you.


  • A portfolio of industry-defining projects that present an opportunity to find solutions to real challenges that make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • An employer who truly values personal development and growth.
  • A collaborative, inclusive work environment. SYSTRA is a company rich in cultural, professional and generational diversity.
  • A fostering and learning environment. We learn from our colleagues and the projects to which we contribute.
  • Meaningful work with real-world implications. What we do at SYSTRA is always firmly rooted in what is practical, with direct and real utility for populations and regions.
  • Flexibility.
  • Room for new initiatives and ideas. We encourage our employees to formulate their best ideas. The SPARK intrapreneurship program, launched in 2020, is a major international challenge offering every employee the opportunity to bring his or her ideas to life.

what is it like to work at systra?

“Since joining SYSTRA in 2014, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments. This has enabled me to acquire skills in several areas of the transportation systems field that has allowed me to grow my career.”
“I continue to work on the project that I was assigned to as an intern, which has been engaging and rewarding. Not only am I honing my skills as a software developer with my supervisor’s guidance but am also learning about the systems that operate our public transportation networks. “
“My favorite aspect of working at SYSTRA is the trust and respect the company has for our employees. I have been afforded the opportunity to use my skills, knowledge, and abilities, while voicing my opinion when it is required. It is always a good feeling to be heard, and SYSTRA has given me that.”
“I love working at SYSTRA because the people are genuine, hardworking, smart, and kind. Anyone will help you understand something if you ask. SYSTRA has given me the freedom, patience, and flexibility to grow, explore, and blossom professionally and personally.”
“SYSTRA has created a comforting environment for employees. It is easy to approach any employee and get a feeling of family. I feel supported in whatever task/activity I am trying to accomplish and have sense of pride and belonging at SYSTRA.”
“I chose to work here because of the relationships I developed while interning here in the summer of 2019. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in the city with the people that I was in contact with that summer.”
“SYSTRA has allowed me to grow into the position and given me the freedom to take on additional roles to further my growth. I enjoy working with the CBTC systems team and learning from them every day.”
“Although it is a global organization, SYSTRA has a culture of close interaction among colleagues. Everyone is ready to offer insight and advice at a moment’s notice. This environment is the work of good leaders and not just the latest software and what makes SYSTRA so successful.”
“The opportunity for professional growth, with vision to help the growth of the company and build a US rolling stock team is why I joined SYSTRA. A great company culture was also a major factor in deciding to join the SYSTRA team.”
“I joined SYSTRA because of the people. In my first interview, I knew that SYSTRA values its people. Then, I viewed a video with our corporate mission of health, safety, and security and I knew this company cares for its employees and is working to improve our world. That is something I can get behind.”
“My favorite part of working at SYSTRA is the people I work with every day. We have understanding and trust among us that truly brings us together. If feels like family.”

guided by our values

We are a company that puts our most valuable asset first – our people. And believe that if we support our employees to be the best they can be, we will do our best work for our clients and partners. Here are the values that guide our actions:


To meet today’s challenges, we maintain the highest levels of technical excellence and expertise in every way we operate.  SYSTRA encourages excellent solutions design, technical innovation, and process improvement.

Connected Teams

We encourage and foster teamwork, collaboration, and synergy to deliver efficiencies among our areas of work. Main features include trust, openness, honesty, empathy, customer focus, and active listening.

Bold Leadership

SYSTRA recognizes those who take responsibility with our purpose-driven mission. Bonus to those who anticipate and embrace change and demonstrate a culture of continuous learning and improvement.