SYSTRA is dedicated to delivering results for our clients

We work with focus and determination

Our work is driven by the strong commitment to be the Signature Team for transportation and facilities solutions. SYSTRA sets standards and holds ourselves accountable to be the:

Focused on the satisfaction of our clients, SYSTRA builds long-term relationships with them that are based on trust and promotes innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and infrastructure.

We pride ourselves in being a trusted partner, cultivating practical, valued relationships with firms that offer complementary capabilities and share our passion for our projects.

The wellbeing of our employees is our priority. To enable our staff to flourish, we provide a collaborative and nurturing working environment for us all to reach our full potential.

Living Our Values

To meet our standards, SYSTRA employs the talent of our colleagues who share SYSTRA’s enthusiasm


Rooted in our engineering culture, excellence is an objective that drives the way we work to design the best solutions under the best conditions.

Connected Teams

We connect our experts throughout the Group to address our clients’ most complex issues. We create teams in which individual talent contributes to overall success.

Bold Leadership

We bring inventive answers to our clients via our capacity for innovation and project management savvy. Our mission is to consider, design, and imagine today the mobility solutions of tomorrow.

the systra difference

At SYSTRA, we:

  • Work on new transit lines that open the way for thousands of passengers.
  • Deliver signature bridges that make regions gleam.
  • Install the latest railway signaling for safer, more efficient transportation networks.
  • Incorporate eco-designs in our work to create more sustainable mobility.
  • Examine the transportation and facilities needs of the future to shape transportation and facilities for decades to come.

These technical and technological feats are developed for our clients by women and men who share the values of an enduring pursuit of excellence, the benefits of working among connected teams, and the spirit of uniqueness through bold leadership. From expertise centers all over the world, we design, engineer, and help build systems and infrastructure that reinforce SYSTRA as the signature team for transportation and facilities solutions.