SYSTRA is a world leading transport and revenue advisor to Governments, private investors, operators and financial institutions for transport investment projects.

In recent years a variety of approaches has been used in the development of highways and public transport projects including various PPP initiatives. SYSTRA has provided advice on many prestigious projects from conception to implementation and operation.

SYSTRA China has a core team with the relevant expertise and has undertaken Highways or Toll Road related studies works in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.

Our approach is to work with local partners in countries where we do not have permanent presence so that we can combine international expertise and local.

Systra offices, Hong Kong, China.


  • Traffic and Revenue Forecasting
  • Project Screening & Identification
  • Financial & Economic Evaluation
  • Bid Preparation & Strategy
  • Facilities Planning
  • Engineering Review
  • Toll & Fare Collection Systems


We design mathematical models that are built on the relationship between transport and urban form, and use them to advise our clients of the financial and technical feasibility of projects.

We develop transport policies and provide advice based on behavioural and mode-choice analyses; economic, financial and environmental assessment, profitability projections, traffic forecasts and socio-economic studies.

We use state-of-the-art forecasting software such as CUBE, EMME, VISUM and other bespoke modelling tools to provide advice to our clients.

We have access to an extensive traffic database in many of the countries where we have worked which also help us to assist in checking the practicality of traffic forecasts produced for new roads.

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