SYSTRA specialize in transportation systems and provide solution in a unique perspective.
We provide you with the expertise your projects need. Across modes, disciplines, roles and project phases, our Asia system engineering centre constitutes you daily project partner and connects you with our worldwide network of subject matter experts.


  • Buses, Tramways, Metros, Conventional and High Speed Rail: our expertise covers all modes of land public transportation, as well as Monorails, APMs and Freight facilities.
  • Design & Delivery, Project Management, Independent Certification: we provide the support you need and adapt to your project structure and needs as a public client or private contractor.
  • From Feasibility studies to Operation start, we support the delivery of your projects. Aware of how crucial Tender is for System engineering project, we rely on 65 years of experience in projects around the world to prepare a successful award and smooth project delivery.



System Design

  • Our system engineering framework ensures our clients objectives are met through a unique methodology specify design requirements at Operation level, at System level and at Subsystem design. With a capacity to mobilize experts in every technical or transversal discipline, provide you with the technical assistance you need to prepare and deliver both greenfield and brownfield transport engineering projects.

System Integration

  • Based on return on experience and recognized international standards, we ensure that systems are fully integrated at each stage of the project, from design to testing and commissioning. We embed advanced processes and tools to implement quality assurance processes essential to our field, including Interface Management, Verification & Validation, Configuration & Change, Testing & Commissioning, etc.

System Assurance

  • We plan the systematic set of engineering activities necessary to assure that products conform with all applicable system requirements not limited to RAMS, such as human factors, electromagnetic compatibility, fire life and safety and system readiness. An overall system-wide approach ensures that each sub-system will provide the same level of System Assurance evidence from the design to its implementation, in accordance with standards and local regulations.