Railways have been at the heart of SYSTRA’s DNA since 1957, the year of our very first assignment: preparing the electrification of the Indian rail network.

Always at the service of economic and social development, we have since been involved in all aspects of projects, both in the design and construction of new lines and in the modernisation and upgrading of existing links, meeting the highest technical standards and the most stringent environmental requirements.

SYSTRA plays a key role in the development and enhancement of public transport networks. We identify and develop solutions that offer cost-effective and enhanced travel opportunities.

SYSTRA also provides specialist advice to public transport operators to rationalize their operations and services to integrate with the new or existing railway and other public transport systems.

SYSTRA is an expert in planning, design and evaluation of public transport networks and stand-alone systems

We advise operators on improvement of their services and optimization of their operation in order to enhance the attractiveness of the overall transport network.


  • Bus & BRT Network Planning
  • Urban and Suburban Metro Network Planning
  • Tramway
  • Cable Car & People Mover Systems Solutions
  • First & Last Miles Routes Feeder Analysis
  • Multi-model Transport Service Planning
  • Station & Public Transport Integration Design
  • Waterborne Transport + Ferry Service Planning

SYSTRA has an enviable track record of projects both in China and the surrounding region.


Drone view of Rail Line in Yuen Long District, Hong Kong

SYSTRA’s transport planning work is based on an integrated vision of mobility.

We assess all relevant issues right from the start of project development, including current and future travel requirements, urban planning, economic and social development, and environmental protection.

We bring detailed insight into users’ needs and aspirations in order to design better places and encourage people to use sustainable transport choices.

We also provide design advice on public transport facilities including bus interchanges, bus depots, rail stations and even ferry terminals.

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