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SYSTRA prides itself in its strong capabilities and track record in transport modelling and forecasting both at a strategic region or city-wide level down to the evaluation of individual schemes and the modelling and simulation of both vehicles and pedestrians in local areas.

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Some of our largest models include public transport forecasting models for Hong Kong and China.

At the more local level, these larger area models often provide inputs for more detailed local area models which often involve microsimulation which  in the transport context involves the creation of models that simulate the behavior of individual units (motor vehicles / cyclists / pedestrians) within a defined area.   We work extensively with state-of-the art software tools including PTV VISSIM.

These models are used to predict the likely impact of changes in traffic patterns resulting from alterations to traffic flow or changes to the physical environment and are applied to many situations, from small single junctions to extensive road networks.    Within the pedestrian environment, the models can be applied for example for movement planning and design optimization of railway stations, transport interchanges, shopping malls and other public places such as stadiums and to help with the planning of special events.


  • Our staff work with world-renowed software packages including CUBE, PTV VISUM and EMME in order to develop complex transport models representing all modes of transport.  
  • We are fully conversant with the full process of obtaining relevant data and information (including Stated Preference Surveys), the development of multi-modal or single mode transport model and the ability to develop tailor-made models to suit the individual situation.  
  • We work extensively with authorities, international funding institutions, investors, the financial sector and operators in producing traffic and revenue forecasts for feasibility studies, scheme selection studies, bankability assessments etc.