Planning today for efficient travel tomorrow is the key to the consultancy work entrusted to SYSTRA.
Transportation planning is the process of defining future policies, goals, investments and designs to prepare for future needs to move people and goods to destinations. As practiced today, it is a collaborative process that incorporates the input of many stakeholders including various government agencies, the public and private businesses. SYSTRA China applies a comprehensive approach to analyzing the wide range of solutions and impacts on urban transportation systems to influence beneficial outcomes.



Our clients aim to develop futureproof urban mobility networks, combining buses, tramways and other transportation options to provide efficient mass transit systems for growing volumes of commuters.

With our unrivalled expertise in state‑of‑the‑art urban transport, SYSTRA is able to help clients overcome the challenges of increasingly complex interconnected systems.

Developing safe, efficient and sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s urban mobility: SYSTRA is at the forefront of innovative urban public transport solutions. Our engineers specialize in developing new generations of light rail lines that have redefined the urban landscape of many major cities around the world.

Tailor-made solutions for every urban project: SYSTRA engineers have the experience and expertise to guide the most ambitious projects and advise on the best options, delivering positive outcomes within tight timeframes while keeping costs under control.

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