SYSTRA is able to provide a completed set of layout plan design of car park to the developer, architect, planner and engineer, which includes car parking demand calculation and car park circulation design, etc.

With the rapid economic development, historic spanning development is realized for auto industry in terms of annual production increases sharply and ownership of car in the city increases greatly.

The coming of car era brings big challenge for parking arrangement. How to park rapidly and conveniently and how to facilitate driver finding the parking space without turning repeatly is the foremost issue nowadays.


  • Car parking demand study
  • Study of demand of parking space for goods vehicle
  • Car park layout plan design
  • Car park circulation system designCar park entrance/exit and gradient design
  • Car park swept path analysis
  • Car park loading/unloading area design
  • Car park loading/unloading arrangement

SYSTRA is also providing a whole set of service for car park control, management and position system, designing for car park system, thus providing a comprehensive and professional solution scheme to the client.

Design of Car Park Management Scheme

  • Development of solution scheme
  • Design of car park zoning management
  • Design of car park control and management
  • Design of car park vehicle locating systemFunctional design of car park internal and external guidance sign and lane marking
  • Design of transport facility for car park

Tendering and Bidding Evaluation of Car Park System

  • Compilation of car park intelligent system technical requirement document and tender document
  • Tendering and bidding evaluation of car park intelligent system

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