SYSTRA recognises the importance of improvements to active mobility, as the shift in attitude from vehicle biased streetscape design embraces a balanced approach with emphasis in active mobility at its core. We were instrumental in the development of a Cycle Safe Programme for the LTA aimed at providing practical advice on responsible cycle/PMD use.

In relation to active mobility, SYSTRA provides skilled practitioners in SMART travel solutions, SMART buildings, SMART mobility at a building and township wide level.

At SYSTRA , we believe that tomorrow’s mobility will be multimodal and integrated. In recent years, several phenomena have transformed mobility and more specifically, the uses for the automobile. Making automobiles autonomous is made possible by the continued emergence of new technologies. We provide advice on autonomous vehicles, active mobility and wayfinding.


Active mobility is a form of transportation relying on human physical activity for motion. Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) are also included in the term Active Mobility. Active mobility has become more important and relevant as a response to health and environmental concerns partly attributed to the high use of motor vehicles and transport policies are adapting to encourage active mobility.


SYSTRA is committed to providing sustainable transport solutions for development projects. Our transport planning policy and land use development studies evolve to suit the changing needs of society and future generations.

We also conduct public transport and pedestrian studies to create more and better environmentally friendly environments. With sustainable visions and foresights, we offer comprehensive transport and planning consultancy services for the region.


  • Automatic + Robotic Parking Design
  • Autonomous Vehicles Analysis
  • Cycling Network Planning + Design
  • Green Transport Corridor Planning
  • Micro-mobility Analysis
  • Pedestrian Network Planning + Design
  • Walkability Strategies

SYSTRA is an innovative market leader in the delivery of cycling and wider active mode projects, working with a diverse range of public and private sector clients.

To support current policy priorities, SYSTRA provides appropriate and proportionate methods to appraise relevant active travel interventions cost-effectively at national, regional and local levels, by developing and applying:

  • multi-modal models with active travel assignment for high-level (policy/strategy) appraisal;
  • active travel-specific assignment models for detailed (intervention) appraisal;
  • microsimulation for design and operational assessment of buildings and active mode/vehicle interaction points


SYSTRA has successfully delivered active travel assignment and demand choice response within regional models providing active travel functionality with ready interface to on-the-shelf appraisal tools for the key city areas where significant investment is planned.

We also provide extensive experience in understanding the impacts of active travel schemes on the wider road network using microsimulation tools e.g. Paramics and Vissim. These tools provide a visual representation of the operation and impact to assist decision makers.

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