We offer comprehensive TOD planning and design Solutions from concept to implementation stages including railway alignment, identification of key sites and catchments analysis, Transport Land use Feasibility, Property and Development Transport Design, Public Transport Integration and Pedestrian Connectivity Analysis.

SYSTRA has extensive experience on Transport Orientated Development (TOD) Projects and mixed-use development (office, shopping mall, conventional center, resort, theme park, hospital, school).

SYSTRA also provides transport and traffic consultancy services for integrated multi-modal transport hub projects such as Airports, High Speed Railway Stations and Urban Metro Terminus.

TOD and Mixed-Used Development


Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a developing trend that creates vibrant, livable and sustainable communities that centre around stations. TOD sees the creation of a walkable and pedestrian-oriented city utilising mixed-use activations that make it possible for people to live, work and play in the same area. It also makes it possible for us to reduce our dependence cars.

TOD is increasingly popular thanks to a culmination of factors including:

  • Growing densities in urban populations and the desire for a quality lifestyle
  • Reduced appetite for urban sprawl from both communities and governments
  • Traffic congestion and the demand for greater mobility and ease of travel including active transportation.
  • Changing lifestyles and demographics i.e. more singles and smaller families
  • Local economic growth and development that supports city planning initiatives.

As the signature team for transport solutions, SYSTRA designs TOD projects that create vibrant and sustainable communities. We understand the importance of establishing a sense of place, through the design and development of transportation solutions. We have a deep understanding of intermodal connectivity and how mobility affects the communities wellbeing and happiness.


  • “Property + Rail” Development Integrated Design + Analysis
  • Green Transport Feeder Analysis
  • Multimodal Transport Design
  • Parking Demand Studies
  • Pedestrian Connectivity Analysis
  • Public Transport Integrating
  • DesignStation Planning + Detail Design
  • Traffic Impact Assessment

Mega Transport Hub


By recognising the wider role of transport interchanges, and the areas around them, our transport sector specialists ensure that we get the functional aspects of interchange design and delivery right, but also that we shape them to maximise economic and social opportunities.

By approaching mobility hub design with this wider context in mind, we ensure they play a key role in creating more accessible, inclusive and attractive towns and cities where people want to live and work. If we get this right, mobility hubs can be a catalyst for economic growth, quality of life enhancement and improved employment opportunities in our urban areas.


At SYSTRA, we are committed to making this happen for transport interchanges and other transport investments – helping to shape travel and transport in cities and towns in ways that create places that people will enjoy. We offer a range of services to help towns and cities create these future-focused transport interchanges.

SYSTRA promotes the concept of integrated transport solutions to improve and enhance accessibility and optimization of roads and transit systems of the project.

SYSTRA works in collaboration with both international and local architects, urban planners and multi-disciplines consultants as well as operators and end-users to provide optimized schemes on each design and operation level.


  • Advice on mobility hubs – location, typology, active travel access, adding social value.
  • Optioneering – in-depth consideration of alternatives to identify the best solutions.
  • Concept design – looking at feasibility, considering materials and how the solution meets the needs of end users.
  • Detail design – considering both architecture and layout.
  • Pedestrian modelling and Circulations Flow Analysis.
  • Transport Accessibility Analysis
  • Rail passenger demand forecasting.
  • Capacity assessment and Station Sizing Analysis.
  • Smart ticketing & Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) integration.
  • Parking & Transportation Serving Strategies
  • Transport Planning Strategies
  • Funding bid preparation – including stakeholder engagement.
  • Business case preparation – including modelling, forecasting and appraisal.
  • Integrated Hub Traffic Layout Optimization + Design

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