Microsimulation in the context of transport involves the creation of models that simulate the behavior of individual units (motor vehicles / cyclists / pedestrians) within a defined area.

These models are used to predict the likely impact of changes in traffic patterns resulting from alterations to traffic flow or changes to the physical environment and are applied to many situations, from small single junctions to extensive road networks.

SYSTRA understands the importance of vehicular & pedestrian movement within the target of achieving an efficient and sustainable urban transport environment.

Within the last 5 years, we have expanded our vehicular & pedestrian simulation modelling services to the assessment and design of MRT stations, bus interchanges, shopping malls and schools etc.


We have experienced transport specialists to provide professional vehicular & pedestrian assessment on various software platforms including PTV VISTRO, VISSIM, VISWALK, Legion, and others.

We are professional participants in various transport planning projects, which provide innovative modelling skills to seamlessly link with other stakeholders’ design platform.

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