Technical details
Assam Public Works Road Department

2019 – Ongoing


Project Management Consultancy

Guwahati, Assam
SAI Consulting –SYSTRA Brazil- JV

The objective of this Highway Project is  to connect North Guwahati with Guwahati City by constructing an Extradosed bridge over river Brahmaputra. This reduces travelling time by 2 hours and aims for the better Economic prospects of North Guwahati. It involves Construction of Extradosed PSC Bridge Over River Brahmaputra connecting Guwahati and North Guwahati including Viaduct and Approaches, etc. on EPC Mode.

For the relief of high traffic congestion, growth of the Guwahati Metropolitan Area and expansion of the city to the North Bank and facilitate easy movement of the traffic, the Government of Assam has embarked on an ambitious plan on the construction of the transport infrastructure of the city. Thereby, connectivity of North Guwahati with Guwahati city by constructing an Extradosed bridge along with Approach roads has been finalized.

  • Expansion of the Guwahati city to the North Bank and facilitate easy movement of the traffic​

  • Better Economic prospects of North Guwahati region​

  • Growth/Expansion of Guwahati Metropolitan region

Key features of the project

SYSTRA is appointed as an Authority Engineer by PWD of Assam and following are the key project activities:

  • As Authority Engineer, we are responsible for review of design and day to day supervision of the project

  • Total Proposed Bridge Length – Flyover (1339.62m), Ramps (2X360m=720m), Main Bridge (1240m), Viaduct (800m) and Highways (4452.54m)​

  • Total Project Cost is 2187 Crores Indian Rupees i.e., around 273 million Euros ​

  • BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) shall be 80% as external assistance and 20% as State contribution


The main challenge of the project is the 200m span of the Extradosed bridge which is one of a kind in India and the first in Northeast India. The global pandemic COVID-19 which occurred during the year 2020-21 was too a big challenge faced in the project but despite all the challenges we were able to achieve Milestone I (10%), Milestone II (35%) and Milestone III (60%) which is also likely to be achieved till August 2022 as the up-to-date achievement is 58.50 %. The major challenge is to meet the customer objectives in respect to the Climatic condition and local atmosphere.​