At SYSTRA, our ambition is to contribute to a healthier, safer and more secure world. We strive to innovate solutions which helps us fulfil our ambition and bring value to our client deliverables.

Our innovative digital solution

Our 3S (Health, Safety and Security) framework is committed to maintain a work environment that is safe and reliable. This framework is implemented through these drivers:​

  • Regular training & webinars for our staff ​
  • Monitoring safety indicators on a real time basis ​

Our recurring trainings and webinars aim to share best practices on Safety and our “9 life-saving rules” empowers you to stop a job/task to prevent danger to any life and to take necessary measures.   

Our Real Time Interactive Hazard Management System (RIHMS) is recognized by Indian National Safety Council for monitoring safety indicators at the worksites on real time basis and to take necessary measure to ensure safe work environment. This web based Occupational Health & Safety Management system helps on real time basis with Hazard Observation Tracking, Incident Report & Investigation, HSE performance reporting, Audit and Inspection Management. RIHMS has substantially improved the safety performance and created a positive safety culture at the project sites for our PMC projects