SYSTRA’s urban planning work is based on an integrated vision of mobility. We assess all relevant issues right from the start of project development, including current and future travel requirements, urban planning, economic and social development, and environmental protection.

A multidisciplinary team equipped with the latest technology

SYSTRA has built its expertise by delivering successful projects at various levels of work including regional, City Zonal, and Urban Design through well-experienced, committed, and talented resources. SYSTRA has added the advantage of an in-house survey & Geographic Information System (GIS) team equipped with the latest survey instruments and software (ArcGIS), a vital component to control, monitor, and deliver your project within time and precision. SYSTRA also has rich experience, of approximately 10 years, in providing Project Support Consultancy (PSC) services to the State and Urban Bodies. ​


  • 17,000+ Square kilometer of Statutory Master Planning

  • In-house Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities​

  • 15+ City
    Development Plans (CDPs)

  • Set up 3 Project Management Units to support clients​

From the beginning to the completion of a project, SYSTRA is committed to provide the necessary technical and administrative services to help you to meet your project objectives. Our fully integrated services are tailored to plan and manage your project using proven best practices. Our aim is to support stakeholders and provide assurances regarding the smooth running of their projects.​

The SYSTRA team is also involved in delivering a multi-lateral funded Construction Management and Supervision Services project covering 700 km long Sewerage Network with 30 Pumping Stations and supporting different state governments by working as a Project Management Unit for Urban and Regional Planning schemes across India.

THE ‘Urban Planning’ FIELD