For moving quickly while respecting the environment, high speed rail is the reliable, reasonable and sustainable alternative to air travel, shortening distances and better connecting cities from their hyper-centres.

SYSTRA has been a pioneer in high-speed rail for more than four decades

We have brought high speed rail to China, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Morocco, Sweden and the UK. Globally Systra has played a key role in more than half the world’s high-speed line.​

SYSTRA also played a significant part in defining Europe’s standards governing high speed rail. Our expertise in the operation of high-speed lines means we are able to factor in maintenance and operation constraints as part of the design phase. We are committed to developing the future of high-speed rail to make it more affordable and faster to build, with more robust infrastructures that are easier to maintain.​


  • SYSTRA played a part in defining Europe’s standards governing high speed rail.

  • Our expertise in the operation of high-speed lines means we are able to factor in maintenance and operation constraints as of the design phase.

  • We are the precursors behind new concepts such as short-span bridges which are adapted to high-speed trains that can travel at a speed of up to 350-400 km/hour.​

  • We are committed to developing the future of high-speed rail to make it more affordable and faster to build, with more robust infrastructures that are easier to maintain.​

Over the last decade, Indian Railways has explored the possibility of developing a High-Speed Rail network and in that pursuit has awarded over 6 pre-feasibility studies and 4 feasibility studies. SYSTRA in India is the only international consultancy firm to have been actively involved in 3 of these studies.​

We are also involved in the Semi High Speed Rail study jointly carried out by Indian Railways and SNCF for up-gradation of the existing Delhi – Chandigarh section.​