Transform urban life while ensuring the mobility experience, such is the challenge for average capacity transport modes like light rail transit systems. SYSTRA has worked on projects in more than 40 towns and cities around the globe totaling 300 miles of light rail transit lines.

From French model to global success story, SYSTRA leads the way

SYSTRA is proud to play a part in establishing light rail transit as a cost-effective alternative for the local transit needs of many cities.  ​

The benchmark engineering company for the design and construction of modern light rail transit systems, SYSTRA has worked on projects in more than 40 towns and cities around the globe totaling 300 miles of light rail transit lines. ​

In France, SYSTRA has worked on more than 60% of the light rail transit lines in use. The Bordeaux light rail transit system is the first in the world with no overhead power cables, and the transit systems in Brest and Casablanca were voted the two best light rail transit projects in the world by the British Light Rail Transit Association in 2012.​


  • Designed 26-km route, which connects 19 stations and 3 bus interchanges in Mauritius.​

  • Designed 15 structures which includes viaduct & bridges and 1 depot in Mauritius.​

SYSTRA India has associated with L&T Construction as a design partner for the preparation of Preliminary Design, Detail Design & As-Built Drawings for the complete Mauritius Light Rail Transit. ​

SYSTRA provides planning and engineering services, understanding market value, maximizing benefits to communities, integrating light rail with the local road network, determining the best route, making connections with existing rail and bus networks, and addressing right-of-way challenges.