The SYSTRA India team with their technical and contractual expertise is rightfully placed to assist the private investors team in undertaking the “Technical Due Diligence” of the assets.

Our specialised services

With the successful implementation of National Highways Development Project (NHDP) programs, India emerged with a substantial length of robust highway, which necessitated the Government’s planning for the effective operation and maintenance of the assets. Thus evolved Govt. of India’s “Toll, Operate and Transfer (TOT)” and “Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT)” program, wherein a large number of highway assets were decided to be monetized to the private investors, as a part of Government’s ambitious National Monetization plan. ​

SYSTRA India is working on many projects with almost all major clients like Cube Highways and Infrastructure Pte. Ltd, Maple Highways Pte Limited, Adani Transport Limited, Sekura Roads Limited. Further, similar services are also undertaken in Project takeover between two Private Investors. This is one of the specialized services being provided by our team and exhibiting critical technical expertise like analysis of pavement deterioration models, pavement life cycle cost, pavement / structure rehabilitation, ATMS/HTMS Operation, etc. This service also needs rightful interpretation of the Contractual issues, to apprehend the private Investors of all the impending risks​.