We create unlimited learning opportunities for development!

Prioritizing our employees’ development ensures that we are current with industry trends and best practices. We continuously upskill/ reskill our employees to meet the complex business challenges in the most efficient way, possible, and it also enables us to provide higher standard services to our clients.

Gunjan Sharma – Assistant General Manager-HR

We challenge ourselves to develop the infrastructure, which is reliable, sustainable, & resilient”.

Every day at SYSTRA, we prioritise incorporating sustainability into our designs and construction processes for large-scale urban mobility projects.

Our mobility plans are not traditional, and we believe in offering design and action plans that consider the local resources and our client’s needs. Whether it’s a monopile in sea bridge project, in Mumbai or the smallest underground stations in Chennai, through our projects, we are committed to delivering energy-efficient and sustainable designs while effectively managing and minimising our carbon footprint.

Darpan Agarwal, AVP – Operations

We empower to build sustainable teams!

As leaders we not only believe in promoting diversity, rather we take everyone along despite their diverse backgrounds. We believe in empowering our employees to build highly engaged teams.

Parul Johri, Head Architecture

It’s a privilege to work in an industry that directly influences the way people and goods move.

Designing state-of-the-art transportation systems, SYSTRA consistently raises the bar, setting new standards for excellence and client satisfaction. Working closely with teams spread across many countries, SYSTRA provided me with an opportunity to broaden my horizons. I have learned to be resilient and embrace setbacks as opportunities for growth and to lead my team by example, showing them that no matter the hurdles we face, we can push through and succeed.

Amee SHAH, Principal Engineer – Bridges & Design

Empowerment leads to high performing teams!

We strive to engage and foster people from diverse backgrounds to lead us toward our shared mission. We believe in challenging everyone to perform at the next level and contribute to our growth story, with their own signatures.

Priyam Bhuyan Chen, Head Talent Acquisition

Our values guide our daily actions!

We connect and collaborate with our experts across the globe to enhance our project performance. Leveraging our resources and people globally, best suited for our projects is a regular practice we follow.
We are truly driven to innovate, conduct value engineering design to win the trust, and build long association with our clients.

Raman Verma, Sr. G.M. – Highways

Opportunities to work with Diverse Teams!

The opportunity to contribute to world-class projects while working with cross-functional teams, across the globe, is most exciting part of my role. The diversity, inclusive culture filled with numerous opportunities to innovate provides a perfect platform for people to unleash their potential.

Gunjan Thanki, Building Information Modeling Manager – Highway Design

The courage to accept challenges helps one unleash their potential and in the process discover unlimited opportunities.

In my 6 years+ association with SYSTRA, I have had the opportunity to be associated with several challenging transportation projects with a focus on improving experience for passenger and goods transportation. At SYSTRA, with over 65 years of expertise in creating transportation solutions, globally, we are well-positioned in all key markets. 

Everyone is encouraged to develop at their own pace and per their aspirations. The cohesive work environment acts as an enabler to grow in a healthy space and acquire new skills, to cater to our client’s needs in the present and the future. Embracing the challenges, finding solutions, and collaborating to win over them, opens the path toward our continued growth and learning.

 Ashish Ranjan, Assistant General Manager-Projects


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