SYSTRA completed the acquisition of International Bridge Technologies (IBT), a world leader in bridges, in 2018. By joining forces with IBT, we created a global network of bridge specialists across the globe. Our Global Bridge Network consists of over 350 bridge specialists deployed worldwide with Bridge Design Centres located in San Diego, Montreal, São Paulo, Wroclaw, Paris, Dubai, New Delhi, and Seoul.

A cornerstone of our technical excellence

SYSTRA completed the acquisition of International Bridge Technologies (IBT) in 2018. This world leader in bridges brought specialist expertise in segmental and cable-stayed bridges, complementing our deep knowledge of suspension, truss and arch bridges and viaducts.

Our teams are able to deliver:

  • Cost-saving concepts with well-conceived construction methods, selecting suitable materials based on cost-effectiveness,​

  • Competitive alternative solutions developed through a Value Engineering process to allow Contractors to be more competitive than with the existing design (from both quantity and construction method point of view),​

  • Innovative designs: The U-shaped viaduct, for example, is a SYSTRA invention developed to reduce costs and construction delays for elevated mass rapid transit projects. We have planned and designed more than 1,000km of U-shaped viaducts in 17 countries.


  • Designed 600 km of viaducts as part of metro project in India
  • Design and supervision experience of about 40 km of bridges as part of 96 road and highway projects​

SYSTRA offers clients best-in-class specialist bridge design expertise across the full spectrum of bridge types for road, metro and high-speed rail bridges and viaducts.

  • Large Span Balanced Cantilever Bridge​

  • Cable-stayed bridges and Extra Dosed Bridges​

  • Segmental bridges​

  • Suspension bridges​

  • Truss and arch bridges