Technical details
New York City Transit
New York, NY
Communications, systems

Hosting several applications essential to NYCT’s operations, the Rail Control Center (RCC) has critical space, power, and connectivity constraints. Maintaining the system in a state-of-good-repair is also a challenge. To address the redundancy and resiliency of software applications at the RCC and accommodate its expansion and a backup control center, SYSTRA is reviewing and analyzing various mission critical software applications in use at the RCC.

The work involves identifying critical systems, performing a feasibility study, and developing a master plan to be submitted to a design-build contractor for construction of a redundant system at another site. This involves assessing the applications to ensure that if there is a catastrophic failure of computer rooms at the RCC NYCT personnel can maintain operations and effectively manage service and incidents without relocating to an alternate disaster recovery location.

As a result of insight gathered through SYSTRA’s extensive work on the NYCT CBTC Program, SYSTRA was awarded the work to help the agency improve the reliability and availability of several critical systems hosted at the center currently.