Technical details
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Construction management and inspection

To improve security, cameras are being installed along Metro-North’s New Haven Line. This will feed into Metro-North’s facilities in New Haven, CT and White Plains, NY, enabling officials to view images and videos centrally rather than traveling to local municipalities to view footage of an incident. When completed, nearly 800 new security cameras will be installed.

In Phase 1 of the project, SYSTRA provided construction engineering and inspection support for the replacement and upgrade of over 200 CCTV cameras and installation of a redundant 144 fiber optic communications cable installed on both sides of the line.

In Phase 2, SYSTRA provided construction engineering and inspection services for the installation of CCTV cameras using Power over Ethernet technology and expansion of the communications network by installing a new redundant 144/24 fiber optic cable installed aerially over a 12-mile section along both sides of the right-of-way and associated backbone network deployment.

Consistent with phases 1 and 2, Phase 3 involves the extension of the network infrastructure upgrade. Installation of new fiber optic cable over the SAGA Bridge presents unique challenges to the construction of this project. A monitoring room at the CCO shop in New Haven and a node house at East Norwalk Station are also being constructed.