Technical details
District Department of Transportation
Washington, DC
Electrical and track design

SYSTRA was the designer of record for Benning Road Streetcar Implementation Project, a public-private partnership (P3). This was a design-build project of 2.4 miles of roadway, a rail line, maintenance facility, and yard from H Street at Washington Union Station to Benning Road.

As the lead designer, SYSTRA was responsible for design management, architecture, electrical traction power, and track alignment design.

Minimalistic 350 single-cable catenary wires on thin cantilevers and single wire span wires allowed for a non-obtrusive catenary system that blended into the environment and was visually pleasing. Three traction power substations along the alignment provided redundant power and housed in architecturally pleasing buildings that blend into the community effortlessly and safely.

The CBTC was designed for the maintenance of streetcars with the training center and administrative office areas, featuring a state-of-the-art, LEED compliant facility. The building includes three tracks to service vehicles, overhead cranes, maintenance pits, mezzanine platforms for servicing overhead equipment, turntables, hoists, and truck servicing equipment, a full back shop for parts/tool storage, benches and work areas for motor and small equipment repair, and full compressed air tool layout and connections within a modern facility using radiant floor heating. The yard allowed for storage of 15 streetcar vehicles and provides a carwash facility, wheel truing machine, and service bays for interior car cleaning.