the way we act at systra

Our ambition to be the signature team for transportation & infrastructure solutions is driven by our commitment to business Ethics & Compliance (E&C). Providing clear guidance to our employees and our endeavor to work closely with clients and business partners to promote ethical business practices, is an innate feature of our execution strategy.

At SYSTRA India, we are entering new markets and it is natural to have exposure to a complex network of suppliers, service providers, representatives, partners, and intermediaries. We aim to provide a safe workplace that upholds human rights and discourages any act of discrimination, or harassment, or any form from retaliation.

The Compliance functions at SYSTRA India works in collaboration with various departments across all levels to ensure adherence to the Code of Ethics. Through the effective implementation of the Ethics & Compliance (E&C) Program, ethical values are embedded in our day-to-day actions.

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