Analyse, check, and secure the data of your BIM models​​

Having 100% confidence in your BIM data is essential to use it effectively throughout your project

Good quality BIM data has a direct impact on the financial equation of the project. It also impacts the efficient implementation of BIM use cases such as technical synthesis, quantity take-off, carbon footprint management, and ensures the reliability of your future digital twin.



Every project uses different BIM data models and formats. eLODy integrates your checking requirements and is compatible with over 60 formats​.

Data Analysis​​

Easily and accurately visualise non-conformities in mock-ups for efficient production management​.


Create your checking rules and automate your supply chain production controls without even having to open mock-ups.

Collaboration & Traceability​

eLODy allows you to export your control reports in your CDE and to correct your models by integrating the BCF format in your modelling software​.

The control of 3 compliance statuses (including ‘Good for synthesis’), in less than 3 months, for about 200 work models, was possible thanks to eLODy. I consider eLODy to be one of the keys to success, for the respect of the schedule and the quality of the BIM project. The automation of the model control, the visualisation and precise identification of non-conforming data, facilitated the collaboration with the construction companies. 

In summary, here are some of the reasons why I will use eLODy in future projects: saving time in model checking, optimising resources in the BIM team, and facilitating exchange with collaborators.



  • Automation of the checking process on the production of large BIM projects ​
  • Reduction in checking time for a BIM model from several hours to minutes
  • Standardisation of models, and implementation of OpenBIM processes thanks to the IFC (ISO 16739) and BCF formats ​
  • Accessibility of the solution and information
  • Improved design quality

eLODy implemented on several emblematic projects

L15 West and Line 15 East, Société du Grand Paris, Design
TAE Line 3, TISSÉO, PMC Design Phase
Grand Paris L14, RATP, PMC Construction phase
T13E2 Société du Grand Paris, PMC Design Phase
ATMO General Consultant (L15), SGP
Paris-Orly, GROUPE ADP / SGP, PMC Construction phase
Eole, SNCF, Consulting

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Louis-Marie BORIONE
Head of the DEV4BIM Programme​​​
Product Owner eLODy & PABLO​