Technical details
Beech Grove, IN
Architectural design, interior renovation, ADA compliance

Amtrak’s largest train maintenance facility in the nation, Beech Grove Shops accommodates a bustling 24-hour operation running in multiple shifts. The diesel shop (building 46) houses a lounge area for employees and men’s and women’s restrooms and locker rooms, which were constructed 30 years ago and in need of an upgrade. For the redesign and multiple system and accessibility upgrades and to adjust to the increasingly diverse workforce, SYSTRA provided architectural and engineering services.

A metal clad enclosure beneath the central mezzanine this area also serves as the designated tornado refuge area for the facility.

The new design included all new bathroom fixtures and accessories, new high wear, mold-resistant and easily cleaned finishes, and furniture throughout. In addition, the space was redesigned to receive new LED lighting and upgrades to the non-compliant mechanical/ventilation system to ensure a safe and healthy environment in within the spaces.

The design was part of an initiative to improve the facility’s environmental audits and meet Amtrak’s sustainability goals.