Technical details
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Northern VA

SYSTRA was the lead designer on the design-build team for a large rail yard and maintenance facility complex. This is part of the Metrorail Silver Line that brings rail service to areas of Northern Virginia and provides a direct ride from Dulles International Airport to downtown Washington, DC.

SYSTRA managed the design program and provided construction support services for part of the line’s storage and maintenance facility. We were responsible for the design and coordination of all aspects of the track alignment and profiles, special trackwork, and structures, including the implementation of inspection pits, third rail, and the traction power system and electrical substations. SYSTRA also coordinated the design of the automatic train control system and provided support throughout the testing and certification phase.

The line is designed to accommodate more than 200 trainsets for maintenance and storage. The opening of the Silver Line to Dulles Airport replaces a diesel express bus service.