As a transport and mobility engineering company, we have a huge role to play in the field of sustainability, in all its aspects.

We want to preserve the environment, accompany our clients towards sustainable mobility, and be a committed and responsible employer.


Our job is to create mobility solutions that encourage access to regions and services, and the movement of people and goods. It is the reason we exist. We have the responsibility to offer each individual the opportunity to get around for a better life.

The infrastructures we develop must be reliable, sustainable and resilient, in order to support the economic development of cities and regions, but also to encourage the well-being of all by creating affordable and fair access.

In a context of climate emergency and energy transition, we especially focus on resource management (biodiversity, water…) and on dealing with the carbon footprint.

General strategy to implement 

To have a beneficial impact on the environment and society, SYSTRA is dedicated to collaborating with our clients to develop solutions that successfully solve the problems posed by climate change and sustainable development. More specifically, we aim to:

  • Assist project teams in creating comprehensive, cost-effective strategies for infrastructure development planning, design, and construction to promote resilience and sustainability over the course of the asset’s lifetime. 

  • Address the two main pillars of sustainability—environmental health and human well-being—to the take concrete actions which has positive impact on these and is in line with the goals and aspirations of the project owner. 
  • Develop Sustainability KPIs : Establish an uniform language for cooperation, communication, and performance reporting both internally and outside.

  • Set off more ambitious performance goals that surpasses the norm of compliance, and strengthen our stance as a leading organisation contributing towards sustainability.  

Our initiatives in building sustainable infrastructure :

  • Implementation of Carbontracker in Design project of  Nagpur  – Mumbai Super communication Expressway ​

Reduction in Carbon Emission by 11%.

Material Efficiency: – 9% Cost Reduction


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