Delivering a safer world

SYSTRA is synonymous with operational excellence, and that does not happen without the mobilisation of our employees, partners and clients to ensure the Health, Safety and Security (H&S) of the public, by proposing clean, reliable and safe transport systems. We also have a responsibility towards our colleagues, the employees of construction companies that we supervise, and operators, by offering a working environment, equipment, an organisation and know-how enabling work with complete peace of mind and confidence.

Our Group values of Excellence, Connected Teams and Bold Leadership are essential to how we uphold and deliver our 3S commitments, both as individuals and collectively. We want to be recognized as a team driven by our sense of accountability for 3S. Together, working with our employees, partners, and clients, we can deliver a safer world through our transportation projects. 


It is SYSTRA policy to develop and maintain a safe and healthy working environment not only to comply with HSS and welfare obligations as required under legislation, but also, to act responsibly  to  prevent injury,  ill  health,  damage  and  loss  arising  from  any  operations or work activity under its control. 

We work with our clients to develop a common HSE policy statement that represents the values of Client, GC, and other key stakeholders. We prepare the Safety, Health and Environment Management plan, based on ISO 45001 specifications, considering overall health, safety, and security aspects.  

We ensure that every person has been given induction training before permitting her/him to go to the work site. We assume the overall Environmental and Social Management Responsibility for all activities of the Project in line with requirements of funding agencies guidelines   and   local   environmental, occupational health, safety and labor laws and regulations.   

We strive to create a climate that fosters the health and safety culture with an emphasis on the prevention of accidents with zero accidents as a realistic goal.  

Our Commitment includes influencing our partners and clients beyond our sole contractual and statutory liability: leveraging our expertise and reputation so that together we can deliver safer projects.