01 April 2019
The first section of the Nagpur Metro in the Indian state of Maharashtra has been inaugurated via video conference by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Nagpur Metro Rail Project (NMRP) in India is an emblematic project of SYSTRA, a pioneer in sustainable development and safety. The NMRP aims to create a metro for the whole of the state of Maharashtra and to provide the most cost-effective metro possible in the shortest possible time.


The Nagpur Metro has been nominated the ‘greenest’ in the country by the Indian authorities. In fact, 60% of its energy needs come from renewable sources, notably solar energy, and the future metro will include a rainwater recovery system at each station. In this way, it will contribute to the country’s effort toward access to water for the entire population.

In 2020, the Jhansi Rani Square Metro Station on Nagpur Metro’s Aqua Line, inaugurated in 2019, received a Platinum Award from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), which promotes structures that make efficient use of natural resources such as building materials, water, and energy, with minimal generation of non-degradable waste. This latest award brings to a total of 17 the number of stations on Nagpur Metro that have been awarded the Platinum Rating by the IGBC.

It is also the first project in India to implement a Real-time Interactive Hazard Management System (RIHMS).


SYSTRA has been a key actor in the development of the Nagpur Metro since 2016, leading an engineering consortium with AECOM, EGIS and RITES for Phase 1 of the NMRP. Since then our Indian teams have won several contract extensions and additional assignments such as the Detailed Design & Peer Review services on the Jhansi Rani Square Metro Station on the Aqua Line.


The Nagpur Metro is also well known for the creation of a ‘Safety Park’, the first of its kind in India. Inaugurated on 1 November 2018, the safety park is a unique concept developed by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited with the aim of displaying and demonstrating the world-class safety systems and control measures being implemented during the Nagpur Metro project, especially to school children and college students. It also functions as a training center for employees in the metro sector.

Nagpur Metro Rail Project Phase 1 comprises two major corridors: the North-South (N-S) Corridor and East-West (E-W) Corridor. The total length of the project corridor is 39.38km, out of which 34.23km is elevated and the remaining 5.15km is at grade. The project is anticipated to be completed by March 2023.

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