03 October 2018
With the acquisition of SAI, an Indian company with a staff of 600, SYSTRA consolidates its position on the Indian market and increases its capacity to work on Asian markets. Further in 2018, SYSTRA India and SAI merges into “SYSTRA Group In India”.

SYSTRA announces the acquisition of SAI, the Indian engineering company. SAI is based in Ahmedabad, was founded in 1983 and employs more than 600 staff. The company provides engineering consultancy services in transportation, buildings and environment. Revenues for 2013 were 11 million Euros, including 30% abroad.

“This acquisition is in line with the targets for SYSTRA 2018, our development plan”, declared Pierre Verzat, Chief Executive Office of SYSTRA. “The purchase of SAI will allow us to be more present in India, a market where we already have a subsidiary. SAI is located in the West of the Indian subcontinent, in the state of Gujarat, which has enjoyed impressive economic growth over the past few years,” Pierre Verzat added.

“Combined with the know-how of SYSTRA India, this operation will give SYSTRA the critical mass necessary to become a major player in this country whose government sees public transport as key to growth. Moreover, India will serve as a production hub for our Asian clients”, explained Bruno Schmitt, a member of SYSTRA’s executive board and head of the Group’s acquisition operations. “SAI’s acknowledged mastery of project management and supervision will enrich SYSTRA’s expertise in the field of railway design. Thanks to this union, our clients in India, and all over Asia, will benefit from a broader value proposition.”

“This is a win-win strategy for SAI”, declared Mr Hemant Modi, President and CEO of SAI. “Our engineers are impatient to contribute to the international development of the SYSTRA Group. Their reputation as the world leader in the mass transit and rail market has grown massively in India as well as in the rest of Asia”, he added.

In 2018, SYSTRA Group’s Subsidiary in India – SYSTRA India and SAI merged to form one brand as “SYSTRA Group in India”. Legal formalities are still yet to happen officially but internally the subsidiary has merged into one entity.

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