01 October 2022
On 30 September, 2022, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi accompanied by Chief Minister of Gujarat, Minister of Urban & Housing Affairs, Minister of Railways and other dignitaries inaugurated 32km of Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, Phase-1 (including 23 stations).

This inauguration is symbolic for SYSTRA because it marks the completion of phase 1 of this unprecedented metro project. Our SYSTRA India team was part of this grand inauguration which marks the commissioning, in one go, of one of the longest sections of metro in the country. 

From left to right:
1st: Hukam Singh Chaudhary (Technical Director – Metros); 2nd: Sandeep Fuller (Vice President – System, Rail); 4th: Hari Somalraju (Managing Director – SYSTRA India); 6th: Parveen Kumar (Vice President – Systems, Rail)

“SYSTRA acted as General Engineering Consultant (GEC) to oversee the completion of this long-term project, which began in 2014. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to help shape the future of mobility in our country.”

Hari Somalraju, Managing Director, SYSTRA India

A first inauguration of the Ahmedabad Metro took place in early 2019 on an initial section. The first line of the network, running east-west, has now been completed, as has SYSTRA’s assignment, while the authorities have already begun work on a second line running north-south. 

Key facts – Ahmedabad Metro Phase 1

Inaugurated January 6, 2019: 

  • 6.5km commissioned
  • 6 stations

Opening on September 30, 2022: 

  • 32km
  • 23 stations

Did you know? A ‘MEGA’ nickname

This metro project is also called MEGA, and this name does not only refer to the scale of this project for the region: it is also the acronym for Metro Express from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad, reflecting more concretely the route of this regional express network.  

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