16 November 2023
SYSTRA signs contract with ADB for providing Consulting Services

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has appointed SYSTRA as their consultant for providing “Consulting Services for Multimodal Interchange (MMI), Last-mile Connectivity and Placemaking” for Chennai Metro Rail Investment Project – Tranche 1.

The core focus of this project is on the Metro stations of the Chennai Metro Phase 2 project (corridors 3, 4 and 5) which are funded by ADB. A total of five stations will be selected for enhancement measures based on inclusivity, resilience, and socio-economic regeneration to facilitate Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

The scope of work includes:

  • Identifying first and last-mile connectivity
  • Exploring and recommending inclusive design concepts to regenerate station areas into socio-economic activity centres to enable TOD and MMI (Urban Place Making)
  • Demonstration of physical design inputs at one of the five selected metro stations

It’s our honour to be selected by ADB for this challenging project and we look forward to providing innovative solutions to Chennai Metro Rail.

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