Technical details
Ultimate Client : MRTS / Direct Client : Coronade-CRCC JV

From Nov 2020 till Present

Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Pedestrian Assessment & Modelling, CIQ Systems Interface

The RTS (Rapid Transit System) Link will serve 2 stations, one in Malaysia at Bukit Chagar, in the vicinity of the Johor Bahru city Centre and integrating a multi-modal transport hub and transit-oriented development, and another one in Singapore at Woodlands North, creating an interchange station with future Thomson East Coast Line which will offer direct connection to the heart of Singapore.

As a cross-border infrastructure, both stations will accommodate Customs, Immigrations and Quarantine facilities (CIQ). Each station will host both Singaporean and Malaysian CIQ. The Bukit Chagar station will be within the TOD integrated development with CIQ facilities.

Services provided:

Optimising the CIQ configuration and layout, all pedestrian circulation movements and elements will be checked in order to comply with design standards. Provision of queueing space required for CIQ processing will be calculated and submitted to the relevant CIQ authorities to justify a more efficient CIQ layout and configuration.

Liaise with those different stakeholders, initiate the Interface management process by collecting, identifying their needs and formalise them through interfaces documents with Adil Permata contractors.