Technical details
Land Transport Authority

From Aug 2020 till Present

Transport Modelling & Forecasting

The Woodlands Temporary Bus-Interchange Layout would be located below-grade of Woodlands Square Road, occupying approximate the area of the defunct Woodlands Bus-Interchange previously. 2 main accesses are via Woodlands Ave 3 and Ave 7.

Micro-Simulation Analysis and Recommendations on potential mitigating measures and KPIS on existing Woodlands Temporary Bus, and future Woodlands Intergrated Transport Hub Interchange:

  • Develop Base Model for Woodlands Bus Interchange, Temporary Interchange and surrounding road network as defined by the traffic junctions
  • Simulate BI’s activities such as internal circulation, activities at berth, to/from bus-lots with the necessary calibration
  • Up to 3 study scenarios involving bus-volume, scheduling related would be developed upon validation of Base Model